Best Choices for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

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Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

The beautiful yet affordable engagement rings under $500 can be a great option if you want to buy a ring for your engagement ceremony and save your money. Engagement is a special moment and one of the main parts of the event is actually ring exchange.

Hence, you need to use a good quality ring so that it can be a perfect day. However, the expensive price of beautiful engagement ring sometimes makes people confuse to decide on what ring they would like to buy. Finding an affordable engagement ring does not mean that you always ignoring its quality and style.

Whether you live in UK, Australia, Canada or even in Ireland, you can easily find these cheap and affordable rings. If you looking for a beautiful yet engagement rings under $500, you could consider the online jewelers such as FourMine, Quorri, Bluenile or Superjeweler.

There are a lot of options for inexpensive yet beautiful engagement rings and all of them made with great quality materials to make them so durable. Below are 3 best types of engagement ring that you can buy with the price no more than $500. If you live outside the US, the price under $500 means also under 500 pounds or 500 euro. So it’s very affordable.

10K Gold Engagement Ring

One of the great options for a cheaper engagement ring is actually made from 10k gold, whether it is yellow, rose, or even white gold. When it comes to metal rings, you have to be a smart shopper. Since this material is considered as an affordable gold alloy, rings made using 10k gold occasionally can have low quality.

You might be thinking to buy 14k or 18k engagement ring but those rings commonly cost more than $500. It is no problem if you decide to buy 10k gold ring.

However, you need to be more careful and a little bit picky. You need to select trustworthy retailers who provide products with a warranty and make sure that 10k gold bands you choose not only have great weight but also a good thickness.

Palladium Engagement Ring

Palladium is another great option for affordable engagement rings under $500. It is because it does not only have beautiful look but also pretty durable.

Palladium is also considered as exquisite metal but its cost is lower compared with gold due to its lighter weight and it does not include rhodium plate in the making process.

However, compared with other types of ring, palladium engagement ring is a quite difficult type to look for. Even though there are numerous retailers which provide palladium rings which you can choose to find the one works best for your engagement, finding one retailer which offers extensive collections of palladium rings actually will require extra efforts.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

While metal seems to be a quite common option of a material for an engagement ring, stones can be another great material if you want to get an engagement ring with a lower price.

One of the stone materials which popularly used for an engagement ring is white sapphire. This type of ring can be made naturally or laboratory-created.

Anyway, white sapphire is known to be a very strong and it is considered as the strongest gemstones. It also has great display radiance which just a little bit lower than a diamond.

The one with laboratory-created even much lower in cost rather than the natural sapphire. Hence, white sapphire can be one of recommended choice for affordable engagement rings under $500.

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