Affordable Vintage Tiffany Engagement Ring

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Vintage Tiffany Engagement Ring

Vintage Tiffany Engagement ring. As a woman, of course, you ever crave moments want to be applied by the man of your choice in a romantic atmosphere. In your imagination, the man will kneel down and ask you to marry him. Then the man handed you a ring to propose to you.

Ring as a symbol of love by some couples. Enjoying sacred moments like engagements certainly requires detailed preparation, especially in choosing a ring model.

If you looking for a jewelry who has a distinctive characteristic, then you may be familiar with Tiffany’s ring. Some ring models for sale such as rings, necklaces, solitaire bracelets and others produced by reputed companies named Tiffany & Co.

About The Glory Of Tiffany & Co

In 1827, two young men aged 25, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B Young opened a stationery and accessories store with a capital of US $ 1,000 from Tiffany’s father. After success, one of his friends also joined, J. L. Ellis. But gradually for some reason, Tiffany started her own business without her friends.

Tiffany introduced the sterling silver to the United States in 1852 which the residents favored. In 1853, he bought shares of his colleagues and changed the company’s name to Tiffany & Co. After holding the full power of the company, Tiffany then began selling silver and jewelry. Tiffany has to go through a long journey to create the finest jewelry in the world.

Now Tiffany is engaged in the design, production, and sales of jewelry, clocks, crystal tableware and luxury apparel. The high-value luxury merchandise you can find at Tiffany &Co. One of them is the vintage Tiffany engagement ring.

The Luxurious Tiffany Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. welcomes his fans with beautiful and captivating treats such as engagement rings. As a jewelry label from New York, Tiffany & Co. well known due to iconic products Tiffany Setting ring. Since 130 years ago, Tiffany Setting has become a benchmark for the realm of engagement ring design. Because of the classical framework and exposure of the rays of the diamond shining more beautiful.

Starting from raw materials obtained from the best manufacturers to the implementation of diamonds or sapphire in the form of jewelry wrapped in an iconic blue box. Each brand has its own characteristics. The uniqueness of Tiffany & Co is that you can exchange regular rings with more luxurious ones.

This habit arises because the first diamond made by Tiffany is a diamond obtained from the auction or purchased from the aristocrat. Jewelry design from Tiffany is more classic, typical American. The offered ring models are among others:

Vintage Tiffany Diamond Rings

This model looks so beautiful with diamond all around of platinum band. It is Tiffany Setting that many people love.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

It is a vintage ring with a rare diamond asscher cut color that shines like sunlight. The color of the diamond is very limited in number. Therefore, many people very interested in this design model.

Tiffany “T”

The latest Tiffany T collection provides brilliant minimalist confirmation of its shape as bracelets, rings, and chains that play with the T shape. Like the letter T for Tiffany, it looks to have a strong shape and makes a dramatic, non-frill jewelry statement.

Besides Tiffany, you can also find the vintage engagement rings from another online jewelry store such as,, or

They also provide various vintage engagement rings you can choose base on your taste and budget.

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