Cheap & Affordable Black Diamond Engagement Rings

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Nowadays, black diamond engagement rings become one of the most wanted things when people are near to their engagement day. The engagement day is a day that is awaited by most of us. Before the wedding day comes, people usually want an extraordinary engagement day, right? In this special day, a boy will give a set of rings for her (his fiancée)

Where to Buy Cheap and Qualified Black Diamond Engagement Rings Near Me?

There are lots of engagement rings with black diamond for sale. You can buy it online or just go to the jewelry store. Some of the well-known online jewelry stores are Blue Nile, Zales, Diamondere, and Glamira. They offer are lots of black diamond rings with the unique and qualified model and also with affordable prices.

Want to buy diamond rings for your special engagement day? Here are several types and model you have to know before buying it.

1. Black Diamond Rings with Rose Gold Band

Black Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Band

Rose gold band are also known as the pink gold band and the red gold band. A ring with the rose gold band has a higher content of copper. It looks stunning with black diamond as an accent. Moreover, it won’t rust, corrode, or tarnish. Rose gold band also will not lose the beauty of its color. Although the appearance of this rose gold ring is great, it’s not good for everyone who has a metal allergy.

2. Black Diamond Engagement Rings with White Gold Band

Black Diamond Ring with White Band

Wearing a black diamond ring with the white gold band is the simplest way to catch people attention. The elegance, beauty, and uniqueness of its combination will be a great attraction. Many metals can be formed into the white bands, such as silver, gold, and palladium.

3. Carrie Bradshaw’s Engagement Ring

Carrie Bradshaw’s Engagement Ring

Still remembering how Sarah Jessica Parker did great acting on the Sex and the City part 1 and 2? On the TV series and its movies, there is a girl named Carrie Bradshaw. She’s engaged to Mr. Big. Mr. Big has something special for their engagement day: an extraordinary black diamond ring. Carrie Bradshaw was so excited since it had great meaning for her. Now, women can have this Carrie Bradshaw’s engagement ring by buying it from an online or offline jewelry shop.

4. Black Diamond Rings with Yellow Gold Band

Black Diamond Ring with Gold Band

One of the most popular materials for making engagement rings is gold. Yellow or original gold band is a band that shows the purity of gold. Unfortunately, you can’t have a 24 carats gold for your engagement ring since pure gold can’t be formed without any other materials.

It must be combined with other metals such as copper, silver, and nickel. Although it has many advantages, the gold band can be scratched if it’s worn daily. Any kind of gold is also not good for a person with the metal allergy.

5. Black Diamond Ring with Black Band

Black Diamond Ring with Black Band

The elegance of black diamond will be enhanced by the black band surrounding it. There are many metals used in making a black band. Some of them are tungsten, stainless steel, silver, and gold. You will never go wrong with the simplicity of black diamond ring in the black band. Choosing a black band means that you have a great taste.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings Meaning

The black diamond is really good. Indeed, it can enhance women beauty. Unfortunately, some women’s thought is ruined by this question: Are black diamond engagement rings bring bad luck? No! It’s not a symbol of something bad and will not affect your life. The black color simply means power, passion, elegance, and emphatic. So, having an engagement ring with a black diamond is indeed a good thing. Choose your favorite types of metal, models, and just buy it!

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