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boy promise rings

One word to describe boy promise rings: SIMPLE. You don’t need a complicated design for the promise ring because this is not an engagement ring. Generally, a promise ring can be for boy and girl and usually a matching ring.

The purpose is to show that you both are in a special relationship. You give a promise ring because of you sure that someday you will propose her. In this case, the promise rings can be described as pre-engagement rings.

The promise rings also can be used in a friendship. You give your best friend a promise ring to represent that you will always be his/her best friend forever.

Finding the promise ring for men usually not difficult because men always seek for the simple design, opposite with the women taste. That’s why find the perfect promise ring for women needs more effort.

Most of the people out there recommend the jewelry store such as Zales or Jared if you want to buy the perfect promise rings (for yourself and for your girlfriend). Also, you can find and directly buy the cheap and affordable promise rings at Walmart or Amazon for only $16.99 for a pair of promise rings.

The Meaning Behind the Promise Rings

The promise ring is a symbol of commitment and is often seen as an initial engagement ring. However, it can be given for various reasons as a symbol of holiness, loyalty, monogamy, friendship, or even when you are committed to eliminating your bad habits such as undisciplined or unfocused.

Know the purpose and do some research before you choose the promise ring. If you give the promise ring as a sign of friendship, then choose the simple and cheap ring. If your spouse is imagining a marriage proposal, then use enough jewelry to appeal and make your partner feel happy.

Also, choose something that is right for the recipient. If the receiver does not wear a ring, then you can put the ring on the necklace. Thus, the ring will still be used by the recipient.

Choosing the Right Material

A jewelry store or craftsman can help you create your own posy ring by carving your personal message. You can use your own quote or simply quotes wise words from various sources. Make sure the engraved words represent the feelings you want to convey to the recipient.

Supposedly, the promise ring is not too expensive or complicated so it will not be misconstrued as an engagement ring. Typically, the promise rings are smaller than the engagement rings. It also has a simple design and some people will put it on any finger except on the finger ring because it’s for an engagement ring.

Diamonds still hold the popularity but people will prefer the smaller size of the diamond or the cluster style or also the gemstones. We will say that the main focus is on the overall design and not on the diamond only.

Metal can be a good option. Generally, 18K and 14K platinum and gold will be chosen for the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

So, we will suggest you consider the 10K gold or sterling silver. They have various styles and some of them can be customized. More than anything, they are more affordable yet durable for the promise rings.

The popular designs are entwined heart and infinity symbol. But, of course, it depends on your style. Besides that, the simple design is always better for the promise rings, especially for boy promise rings.

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