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lord of the rings wedding band

Lord of the Rings wedding band is inspired by The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™ series. These rings are so round and thick.

There are no additional gemstones which be put on the rings. Usually, the ordinary ring is having a round shape and not too thick.

These rings are sold by e-Wedding Bands ( but you can also get the replicas from Jens Hansen ( that currently well-known as a creator of the movie ring.

These rings only available in yellow and white gold. So, do not expect you’ll find this ring made from other materials such as tungsten, silver, platinum or titanium. Also, don’t expect you will find another color such as black or blue. The sizes are 5 to 13 in half sizes.

Why are so many people interested to buy these rings?

Well, there is something unique that you can see from these rings. You can find the engraving both inside and outside the rings. The inside engraving says > One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.

Then, the outside engraving says > One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Every lord of the rings is handcrafted completely and carefully.

There are 3 types of the Lord of the Rings wedding band. People can find them with different types, styles, and sizes.

10K The One Ring

There are available in 2 colors. People can get the gorgeous yellow gold ring and the romantic white gold ring. The size is between 5 to 16 ½, in half sizes. There are various kinds of widths of this ring. The width depends on the size of the ring.

For the ring which has 5 to 8 ½ in sizes, the wide is around 6,5 mm. Then, for the ring which has 9 to 11 in sizes, the wide is around 7 mm.

Next, the ring with the size above 11 ½, the wide of the ring is around 8 mm. All of this one ring has 2 mm for its thick. It is a comfort wedding band which is rounded inside and outside. You need to spend around $919 to get this 10K The One Ring.

14K The One Ring

The second type of the Lord of the Rings wedding band is 14K the One Ring. The size is around 5 to 16½, in half sizes.

The wide of this ring also depends on the size. The width of 6,5 mm is the ring which sized around 5 to 8 ½. Then, the width of 7 mm is for the ring which sized from 9 to 11.

Next, the width of 8 millimeters is the ring which sized more than 11. The thickness of this ring is 2mm. it is a wonderful wedding band that might fit and makes the comfortable ring for you.

14K The one ring is available in 2 colors. You can choose the white gold and yellow gold ring. You only need to spend around $1.329 to get this comfortable rounded ring.

18K The One Ring

This is the last type of One Ring which is sold in e-Wedding Bands. This type of ring is only available in one color. People can get the yellow gold, but they cannot get the white gold ring for this type.

Like the others One Ring, the 18K the One Ring also available in 5 to 16½ in half sizes, 2mm of thickness, and 6½ to 8mm of widths. You only need to spend around $1.919 for this amazing ring.

So, these are 3 types of the lord of the rings wedding band you can choose based on your need and also your budget.

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