Oval Engagement Rings – Read Before Buying!

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Oval Engagement Rings

The most common shape for diamond or other stone applied in an engagement ring is round. If you are a woman that is not really into this shape, you can choose oval engagement rings for your special day. The oval-shaped stone brings a classy and extraordinary look. What to buy and where to buy it?

Where to Buy?

Whether you are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or other places, you can have the most beautiful oval rings for your engagement day due to many online jewelry stores that offer a lot of collection at cheap and affordable prices. For those who don’t have a chosen jewelry store on hand, there are several well-known online jewelry stores that you can look out: James Allen, Brilliant Earth, and Blue Nile. They offer various oval rings perfect for your engagement day.

What to Buy Oval Engagement Rings?

There are various models and shapes of oval rings as an engagement ring. Here are several models you can choose.

1. Oval Engagement Rings with Rose Gold Band

Oval Engagement Rings with Rose Gold Band

Rose gold is an antique and beautiful gold due to its color. With this kind of gold, you will look stunning with the oval ring on your engagement day. However, there’s no any 100% rose gold in your engagement ring. It must be added to other metals so that the formation process works great.

2. 1 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

1 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

An oval ring with 1-carat diamond is perfect for your special day. You will look glamorous and dazzling because of a glittering diamond. You can choose any types of diamonds, such as white diamond, blue diamond, black diamond, yellow diamond, and brown diamond and also a pink diamond.

3. Oval Engagement Rings with Side Stones

Oval Engagement Rings with Side Stones

Side stones on your engagement ring are accentuating the dazzling appearance of the ring. Those side stones will also highlight the striking shape of the ring. Moreover, the incredible side stones will enhance the amazing spark of the middle stone.

4. Oval Engagement Rings with Thin Band

Oval Engagement Rings with Thin Band

An oval engagement ring with a thin band is wonderful for a special day such as an engagement day. Since thin band gives a lightweight feel, you will not experience a weird sensation when wearing it. Moreover, it’s perfect for your finger. However, oval rings with a thinner band are weaker than the wider ones.

Buying Tips

Want to buy a cheap, unique, and stunning oval ring for your engagement day? Here are some tips you can see.

1. Choose a Wedding Ring as a Substitute Instead of a Wedding B

If you want to choose another ring as a replacement for your engagement ring, you can select a wedding ring. Wedding rings are nice since they have one or several stones on it. Meanwhile, a wedding band has no stones. A wedding band is a great choice for men on a wedding day.

With a wedding band, men will look stunning on his special day. But, this kind of ring is not suitable for engagement purposes. It’s better to wear a ring with 1 carat stone instead of a wedding band on your engagement day.

2. Buy at a Trusted Jewelry S

A trusted store usually provides special offers and special price ranges. With this advantage, you will have an engagement ring in a special quality and price. You will have no regret if you buy an oval ring in a trusted store, both offline and online stores.

3. Pay Attention to the Quality of Stones

Paying attention to the quality of the stone is a way to get the best engagement ring on hand. Talk to the sellers and ask them about the quality of the stone. If it’s needed, ask them about the certificate.

After knowing all about oval engagement rings, would you take an oval ring for your engagement day? Yes, it’s surely the best thing to wear on your special day.

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