What Does The Promise Ring Meaning?

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Promise Ring Meaning

What does a promise ring meaning? A few decades ago, people show the promise to marry by an engagement ring, but in a few years, people use the different thing. They use a new symbol called the promise ring. The promise ring is totally different with an engagement ring. Promise ring use to show the commitment of love before the engagement.

The promise rings symbolize a decision to still being together until marriage. People give the promise ring as a pre-engagement ring because they want to prepare everything before the day of marriage. Maybe some of them use it to solve the financial difficulties before full engagement. The promise ring not only used by a couple but also everyone like parents, best friends, or even between an already married couple.

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Promise Ring Meaning for Couples

The promise ring symbolizes love and commitment. That could be a promise to engaged someday at an unspecified time, maybe after graduating from school, the end of a duty in long distance or when financial difficulties are solved.

For them, a promise ring is another symbol to people who move in together and not get rush in planning for marriage but they have a commitment to their relationship. If an engagement ring comes in the future, the promise ring commonly moves over to the opposite hand.

Other Relationships

Promise rings also can be exchanged between two best friends to symbolizing their friendship. How about promise ring meaning for daughters? Promise rings also be given by a parent to their daughters as a way how to say “I love you, dear!”

Promise rings also known as a holly rings and showing a symbol of asceticism. The ring can show someone’s faith in religion, holly purpose, or commitment to change life into a better person.

The Various Meaning of the Promise Ring

There are many variations of the promise ring meaning. Below are several of them.

    • Pre-engagement ring: Some couple feels they are on a strong desire to marry but they are not yet ready to do that because of some difficulties like ages, financial, opinion and etc. In this case, the man can give his girl a promise ring. So here, the promise ring meaning for her is as a pre-engagement ring.


    • Promise ring meaning in a relationship (friendship). Some people use a jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, or a ring and then use it to symbolize the strong friendship as best friend forever.


    • Promise ring meaning for an adult. Some people choose to use a promise ring as a symbol of abstinence from bad things like smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol, or other bad things that bring a negative effect.


    • Promise ring meaning for a fidelity. A fidelity promise needs a ring. This can be given to a young or teen couple, an already married couple who may have an experience of extramarital intrusion into their new relationship. Many couples prefer to wear a promise ring to keep their only commitment.


    • Promise ring meaning in a religion. Religious promise rings can symbolize a commitment to a specific religion or a more specialized part of that religion.


The point is you can use a promise ring in a various meaning.

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